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It’s a very exciting time to be apart of the Cunningham Collective team. As a strategic marketing firm, we position companies to win. We work closely with executive teams to discover their unique role and relevance in the market and then leverage that position to create genuine differentiation, write an authentic narrative, and activate marketing strategies to ensure success. We are industry leaders when it comes to positioning and we are looking for our next superstar team member. Think you have what it takes?



Location: San Francisco, CA

About Cunningham Collective

Cunningham Collective is a positioning and brand strategy firm that delivers transformational results for technology-driven companies. Through the lens of positioning, we align company and product strategy with your marketing and communication efforts to build exceptional consumer and B2B brands that are differentiated and authentic to who you are. 

We position companies to win. And then we make it happen.

About the role

Cunningham Collective is growing rapidly and is looking for an entrepreneurial individual to join our team. As a Strategist at our firm, you will be challenged to lead the day-to-day management of projects. Over the course of each engagement, you’ll build client management, problem solving and strategic thinking skills. You will be the go-to project manager for client engagement. You may find yourself on-site with your client several days each week, where you will manage every aspect of the project. You will work side-by-side with our Partners to understand the client’s challenge and use one of our many proven frameworks to develop and deploy an answer. Most important, you will be evaluated on your ability to deliver high-impact results. 


  • Own each client project assigned and manage it to deliver impeccable quality and completion on time

  • Perform industry, company & competitive research, as well as conduct interviews with stakeholders

  • Dive deep into client’s customers by designing surveys and interviews, and analyzing the results

  • Use strategic frameworks for deriving company position strategy, brand strategy and overall marketing strategy

  • Build presentation and workshop materials in PowerPoint to efficiently take clients on the journey to the solution

  • Attend conferences and events and help spread the word about Cunningham Collective

About you

  • Ravenous Curiosity

    • You are an exceptional learner and fast study. To you, not knowing something is taken as a challenge and you tackle it head on. You do the research, ask the right questions and strive to become an expert on your own.

  • Killer Project Management

    • You have a strong ability to prioritize tasks, work on multiple assignments and manage ambiguity. You don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

  • Love of Puzzles

    • You love to figure out how things fit together. You find patterns in information and create logical connections that give you a strategic advantage above your peers. 

  • Ridiculously Organized

    • You pride yourself on your organization. You might have a color-coded sock drawer, an alphabetized spice rack or a statistical model for your fantasy draft team.  

  • Mind Reader

    • You take pride in thinking one step ahead of the rest of the team in order to get things done. You are also keenly aware that decisions have implications and anticipate their results. 

  • Marketing Maven

    • You possess a solid understanding of marketing principles and practices – knowing that it always starts with understanding the customer. You can recall industry frameworks and debate their merit. 

  • Creative Communicator

    • You are known for your high emotional IQ and creativity leading to your outstanding verbal and written communication skills. You can communicate with a wide variety of clients and write in many different voices.

  • Team Leader

    • You like to lead and are looking to build your own natural leadership skills, managing up, down and horizontally. 

  • You have…

    • You have 3-5 years of work experience

    • You have a background in consulting, marketing, communications, branding and/or product

    • You may have an MBA (helpful, but not required)

    • You enjoy and are willing to travel


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