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We consider position in all of our designs. It becomes a filter for everything we do.
— BuildingConnected
When it came to positioning Yandex, Cunningham Collective did a really good job of understanding exactly what we were doing and how we wanted to be seen. It was a matter of understanding exactly how we were going to find that unique message among all the other technology and machine learning companies out there.
— Yandex
Andy helped us distill our thinking around the words that we would use to reposition BlackBerry and the vision we thought would have a lot of traction in the marketplace.
— BlackBerry
This was not marketing communications positioning as a thought exercise. It was:

How do we build a company?
How do we disrupt an industry?
And how do we create market leadership and dominance?

We now know that we want to create a message that can go viral. We know that we want to establish a category that can differentiate us from the competition. And we know that we want to create a guiding light—a North Star—that will rally the entire company around a shared set of messages and positions and principles that will allow us to work in lockstep and move at a more rapid and effective pace.
— OpenGov
The work was truly transformational. Siteworx was incredibly successful with the repositioning and it is fascinating to watch how the broader market is moving to a Build Fast, Run Strong messaging framework as well as a Design, Build, Optimize delivery model. Thanks to Cunningham Collective’s work we beat the market by a year!
— Siteworx (now Shift7)