Ignite emotion


What is branding, anyway?

“Branding” might just be the most overused word in the marketing lexicon today. Marketers often confuse it with positioning and teenagers use it to describe their Instagram feed. It has grown to encompass a complex Madison Avenue activity that covers everything from corporate logos to website design, from customer promise to product experience. Branding today is many things to many people, but without a clear understanding of what, exactly, your brand should accomplish, how can you expect to have control over it?

We define branding as the expression of your company or product with the sole intent of igniting an emotional reaction. Through design, branding conveys your role and relevance to your customers and prospects in a way that yields results.

Great Brands are built on solid positioning

The first thing you have to understand about branding is that it’s the last step in a long process. It’s the expression of your role and relevance—your position—in the market. You must determine your ideal position before you can begin building an authentic brand. Why? Because your brand is a perception you want to create; it’s made up of emotions you want to ignite. Your brand is actually derived from your position. Together, positioning and branding create and convey a sense of the company’s identity as a whole, an understanding of the essence of who that company is and why it matters. Without a strong positioning strategy based on research and logic, branding attempts fall flat because they’re simply not genuine.

The best brands are built on a solid positioning foundation.

Aha! branding

The Cunningham Collective promise is to devise a dynamic brand experience, one that engages your target audience in a meaningful and lasting way. To build a strong relationship between your organization and your constituents by establishing a deep connection rooted in purpose and powered by emotion. We’re confident we can deliver on this promise because all of our branding initiatives are built on strategic positioning. We work with our clients to understand who they are and why they matter, and then together we build an authentic brand with genuine differentiation.