Working With Us

Successful companies are built on solid positioning strategies.

That’s what we do.





Who are you? Why do you matter?

We work to understand your company from the inside out and do so through extensive research and interviews, mediated workshops, and collaborative exercises. In short, we become experts in your field. At the same time, we’re removed enough to be able to see the forest for the trees and connect the dots. We are both your most trusted team member and a third-party observer. This perspective is the result of a discovery process unique to Cunningham Collective.

We help you discover your corporate DNA and thus answer two fundamental questions: “Who are you?” and “Why do you matter?” Two simple questions; the answers, however, are anything but simple. They act a your North Star, guiding everything from writing a mission statement to developing a new business strategy.

Once we’ve established who you are and why you matter, we’ll be able to determine your unique role and relevance in the marketplace and start positioning you for success.


What you say about yourself & what other people say about you. Own it.

Your position must be solid. Your brand must be strategic. Your message must be consistent. This is where we use your North Star as a guide to build something tangible. Throughout our collaborative process, we write pieces of your narrative that culminate to create a Message Architecture, a verbal representation of your positioning and brand strategy and a blueprint for market success.

A well-crafted, DNA-based positioning strategy is the foundation of a successful brand, making the expression of that strategy—a Message Architecture—your most important marketing tool. It keeps you relevant and consistent, ensures you’re marketing to the correct audience and competing in the correct category; and it aligns your company from the inside out, creating an authentic brand sure to gain traction in the marketplace.


We want you to succeed.

We’re a member of your team. We believe in your mission. We work incredibly hard to help write your story. We want you to succeed. We won’t disappear after the big Aha! moment. We won’t simply present a solution and vanish, leaving the project to collect dust on your shelf. Quite the opposite. Our goal is to see this thing through with you.

Every company operates differently, and every strategy needs its own go-to-market plan. We work with you to understand your company’s operations and develop an activation strategy that will ensure the success of the project. With the insights gathered from our previous workshops, we build an execution plan unique to your company that will help introduce your new marketing strategy, align internal channels, promote buy-in from stakeholders, and gain traction in the marketplace. Whether you need monthly check-ins or interim leadership, we promise to be there for you.


Our Process

Our process is a collaboration. We bring to the table decades of marketing experience, hours of in-depth research on the landscape in which your company exists, and a tried-and-true method for developing business strategy. You bring to the table your thinking caps. Together we will write your corporate narrative and develop a unique go-to-market strategy that’s sure to stick.




Who are you? Why do you matter?

What is your unique role and relevance in the market?

Are you positioned for success?

These questions are simple; the answers, however, are anything but. We specialize in helping companies find their North Star by figuring out who they are and why they matter. In short, we position you for success.



  1. We Research

    • We take an in-depth look at your company through six lenses that we call the Six Cs of positioning. By understanding your competitive landscape, we find a unique place on the map you can credibly own.

    • We get to know you. Through an extensive interview process, we learn about your company from the inside out. We come to understand how you see yourself—and how your customers see you. Our job is to find cracks in alignment and ask the hard questions that will elicit the best answers.

  2. We Workshop

    • We don’t look at your challenges and pain points and simply offer a Band-Aid presented as a solution. If your product is struggling to gain traction, we won’t suggest that a new logo will make your problems go away. We work with you to arrive at a strategy that goes beyond rebranding. Our workshops result in authentic messaging, genuine differentiation, and transformative marketing. Together, we write a blueprint for market success.



Our unique, collaborative method guides team members on a journey that leads to Aha! moments. The big ideas that come out of our workshops answer big questions like: “Who are you?” and “Why do you matter?” Together, we look at the big picture and connect the dots. Together, we brainstorm until we get to Aha! And it’s from that Aha! that we can begin to position your company for success.

After reverse-engineering my process for a linear-thinking client and seeing the team’s “Aha!” reaction, I realized how much people like the idea of a framework. They want to understand the nuts and bolts of how you’ll take them from A to B,
— Andy Cunningham, CEO



A 2015 survey of 100 North American CEOs showed that fewer than a third felt that the brand strategy work they’d commissioned within the previous few years had been at least somewhat effective. In other words, they felt their marketing efforts had failed. Yikes! Marketing projects don’t fail due to lack of creativity, or even strategy. They often fail because there was no execution or activation plan in place to ensure their success.

We want you to succeed and promise to help you do so. Our process goes beyond positioning strategies and Aha! moments. We work with every client to develop a custom activation plan outlining a unique go-to-market strategy. A plan that leads to internal alignment and traction in your industry. A plan that leads to big results.